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Address:        765 Main Street 
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Health Fund Rebates
• Student and Pensioner Discount
Children Dental Benefit Schedule
Payment methods


Health Fund Rebates

       We are with HICAPS and can process the claims on site for most private health funds.   

Student and Pensioner Discount

        Students and pensioner receive 10% of discount for dental services

Children Dental Benefit Schedule (CDBS)

        We do bulk billing for dental services under Children Dental Benefit Schedule and can make
the claim with HICAPS terminal at site.

                     The services under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule includes:
                                     - Examination and X-rays
                                     - Cleaning
                                     - Fissure sealer
                                     - Fillings
                                     - Root canal treatment
                                     - Extraction
                                     - Partial denture
                                     * Others services may also be included, please check with the reception                                        when making a booking
                                     * Cosmetic or orthodontic treatments are not included    

                      The eligible 2-17 years old child will be able to claim up to $1000 in benefits for                       eligible dental services every two consecutive calendar years. The eligibility will be                       predetermined at the start of each calendar year. Please contact Medicare for the                       eligibility.

                      Please be aware that:
                            - Charges may apply for some services not covered by the
                              Child Dental Benefits Schedule.
                              We will advise of this before any treatment or service commences.
                            - Charges may apply subject to cap amount or remaining amount
                              of the benefits.
                              We will advise of this before any treatment or service commences.
                            - The bulk billing may subject to the future changes in the benefits under the
                              Child Dental Benefits Schedule. 

Payment methods

        We accept cash, debit card and credit card.










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